About La Tiendita Boutique

Guatemalan Fine Handcrafts.

La Tiendita Boutique imports and sells products 100% hand made in Guatemala, our merchandise is made by talented artisans from different regions of Guatemala; some of these products require many hours of hard work and a lot of effort.

We work with many indigenous Mayan Women's Associations that are dedicated to their job. All the fabrics are made with waist and feet looms. A lot of the semi precious jewelry stones are cut and carved by hand and so is the wooden art that we sell.

La Tiendita Boutique offers a variety of bags that are all Handmade to perfection with the best quality. Everything we have to offer comes from all over Guatemala, so you truly get to see the variety of styles each place in Guatemala has to offer.

Guatemalan Woman Weaving

Our products are for people that can appreciate all the work that goes into just one item. Everything will always be different and that is the beauty of being handmade. The bags and pillowcases are made with a Huipil which is a Mayan's woman shirt which is a traditional piece of their everyday outfit. Every Huipil is woven by hand in different techniques and says a lot about where they come from and what their town is about. So admire our products and remember how far each piece had to go to get where it is now.

Purchasing these products will help invest on the economic development and social integration of the indigenous associations in Guatemala.

Sussy Deleon got her idea for a recession-proof business at her son's first birthday party.

Sussy Deleon

Sussy Deleon founder of La Tiendita Boutique got her idea for a recession-proof business at her son's first birthday party

The young guests couldn't break the pinata to get at the goodies. The pinata, made in China, was cardboard, not wire-and-tissue paper like those in Deleon's native Guatemala.

After a while of having the Pinata Center open she slowly added some Guatemalan goods to her store. People began to become intrigued from the different colors and patterns from the table runners to the handbags and pillows had to offer.

And the story behind every different item was astonishing, why have a handbag or pillow made from china when you can have a beautiful handmade item with a history.

Everyday new people come in and are speechless and amazed coming across the unique items we have to offer that comes from our country.

We have personal artisans that are amazing in making beautifully handmade handcrafts and when we buy from them we help give back to their community. Fall in love with our one of a kind handcrafts.

To all of you, from all of us at La Tiendita Boutique Online Store - Thank you and Happy eShopping!

Sussy DeLeon
President / Owner